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Some background history about  our head instructor:

    Shihan Diane Paulsen is a 4th degree Black Belt in Go Jiu Bujitsu & a 2st degree Black Belt in Cuong Nhu Oriental Martial Arts.  She has been an instructor of children and adults in Martial Arts since 1996; She trained in Judo for three years, and holds the rank of green belt.  Shihan has won many competitions, though the greatest competition is with your-self, your self-esteem, confidence, and how you treat (respect) others.  She is always conveying this to her students by encouraging them to do their best no matter what the task or situation.  For the children Shihan has her “Best List” a sheet that each child takes home with them, on each sheet has a number of questions, such as; Were you helpful around the house or “Did you make your bed?  This inspires responsibility, and accountability.  If a child brings their Best List to the next class and it has been signed by one of their parent’s, the child gets a red or Gold Star that they can wear on their uniform.  Once their Uniform is filled with stars, the kids get a Karate related toy.

Shihan Diane is very passionate about self-defense, especially women’s self-defense.  She believes that in most cases all a woman needs is knowledge and confidence to stay out of potentially dangerous situations.  Shihan has been teaching in Colorado Springs since 2003, and in the first 2 years she held classes at different locations.  First she taught out of a women’s health spa, then we were blessed to find a Karate studio that let us sublease the studio when he was not using it. This worked out very well for about two years, until we had to move.  We then subleased some time from a local dance studio for about a year.  Recently, about nine months ago we found a location of our own, one we did not have to share.  Our studio in Colorado Springs near Circle & Galley was large enough to accommodate 20 students at a time. It’s comfortable, decorated and  in a central location.

About the time we moved from the other Karate studio to the Dance studio, Shihan’s dance teacher (Tap), that’s right Shihan also dances.  Her Dance teacher took her aside and asked her “If I were to open a dance studio in Falcon would you teach Karate there?”

So, Falcon School of Dance/Paulsen’s Family Martial Arts in Falcon, CO was born.  Her time at the dance studio was one of growth and learning.  So much growth for both businesses they decided to part ways.  We were very blessed to find a new location that suited our needs very well.  One of the events that we participated in was the dance studio’s annual recital.  Participating in the recital was very informative for the parents and a great learning experience for the students.  We now have our own annual performance event called the Extravaganza. 

Shihan has given elementary school and community event demonstrations;  has competed and been victorious in many martial arts tournaments;(along with her students) and is dedicated to promoting, sharing and teaching martial arts knowledge with others.

Shihan’s real passion though, is in educating women in Self-Defense.  She has been certified as an instructor in Kym Rock's Fight Like A Girl program and is currently a fourth degree black. The fight like a girl program teaches you to think smarter in order to escape from an abductor, attacker or an abuser. See fight like a girl tab on left.      

Shihan Diane:(719)648-1195
Paulsen's Family Martial Arts
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