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“The Way of Hard & Soft Martial Arts”

Go Jiu Bujitsu is a unique and extremely effective hybrid and mixed martial art.  It consists of a perfect blend of traditional martial arts, no nonsense self-defense, as well as effective military and law enforcement techniques. 
Go Jiu Bujitsu – A Truly Complete Martial Art 
From white belt through black belt, students of Go Jiu Bujitsu develop a strong technical and traditional foundation through the intermediate or advanced levels in its three primary arts: Shotokan Karate; Jiu Jitsu; and Judo. After attaining the rank of black belt, the students continue advanced training in the aforementioned arts, but are also introduced to traditional: Aikido; Wing Chun Kung Fu; Tai Chi, as well as, Military and Law Enforcement Control Techniques. Go Jiu Bujitsu combines: the principles and traditional hand strikes, kicks, blocks, stances and kata of Shotokan Karate; the principles and traditional rolls, falls, throws, joint manipulations/locks, chokes, submissions and fluidity of Japanese/“Brazilian” Jiu Jitsu, Neko Ryu Goshin Jitsu and Judo; the principles and traditional punching techniques and movements of Boxing; as well as many effective Military and Law Enforcement control techniques and weapons defense tactics.

Go Jiu Bujitsu has it all, covering the five spatial ranges of fighting: long and short distance fighting techniques with hard blocks, strikes, and kicks; more in-close fighting techniques with soft/deflecting blocks, trapping and sticking techniques, and elbow and knee strikes; standing grappling techniques consisting of joint manipulations and locks, throws, chokes and submissions; and, ground grappling techniques involving joint manipulations and locks, chokes and submissions.  Go Jiu Bujitsu also incorporates transition training; movements that exist between fighting ranges.  

The Go Jiu Bujitsu system also includes: weapons and animal forms; Judo/Jiu Jitsu-style randori; Aikido-style randori; point-sparring; self-defense and board-breaking.

Go Jiu Bujitsu is effective, challenging and fun for: athletes, non-athletes, men, women, teenagers, and children. Everyone is encouraged and learns to do their best as the techniques exist to work around most physical limitations. Go Jiu Bujitsu promotes physical fitness, flexibility and overall well-being. 

Go Jiu Bujitsu’s philosophy offers guidelines and direction for training, which can be applied to all aspects of life (school, work, relationships, personal growth, etc.).  Its’ vision is “A heart-shaped world, which is characterized by genuine, sincere and active love for one another”. Such a world is supported by two pillars, one of love (in thought, word & deed), and one of strength (in mind, body & spirit), which have their foundation in self-respect, self-discipline, self-confidence & self-acceptance.

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